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NewsBognor.com has come about because many people around the town are complaining that local news is being gagged by outside influences.

They feel that there are certain issues which are simply not mentioned by other media which, whilst they may be very good at what they do, are afraid to offend Councils or major businesses for fear of threats of legal action,withdrawal of advertising, being blackballed at the freemasons etc.

This might suit those in powerful positions who like to keep certain things quiet;  but we feel this situation is wrong because local people deserve to know what is going on behind closed doors and in the corridors of power, particularly where it is likely to affect their town and where they live.

So, amongst other news, we will be publishing major issues and the stories that the others don't dare to touch.   Sorry, but you won't find much touchy-feely community stuff here, for that we suggest you go and buy the over-priced Bognor Regis Observer - or get the free Bognor Regis Post or Bognor Regis Gazette.

One other thing: we are not interested in politics.  We will mention it where it is relevant and affects the issues we are reporting, but we have no political allegiances, although we have no doubt that certain political animals might try to muddy the waters by claiming that we have.  Just remember that they will be doing it just to try and distract you from the real issues.

This is all very new, and the site will build up as we go.  We will also be trying to establish the best and most comprehensive "What's On" section in due course, so that everybody will know where to go to find out what's happening locally.  But meanwhile, for this we'll give you a link to another excellent Bognor Regis website which has the best What's On section around at the moment.

If there is anything you feel we ought to know or news we should include on here, please get in touch with us via the contact us page.  We can guarantee absolute confidentiality if you wish, we always protect our sources of information very carefully. For more on this please see our Privacy Policy page.


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