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"Where has NewsBognor.com been over the last few months?" everyone in the town has been asking.  Why has there been no incisive news of what's been going on locally, particularly in the convoluted world of Arun District Council?

Many apologies to everybody for our silence for a while, but we were advised by our solicitors not to publish anything further while the dispute was going on.

Not that it was much of a dispute; really just a couple of remarkably objectionable Arun District Councillors trying to throw their weight around by adopting their usual bully-boy tactics. It didn't get them far, and will, from now on, earn them special attention from us.

They considered that our coverage of Arun's activities was bad for the reputation of the Council and, somewhat illogically, they made unspecified and vague threats of legal action if we did not withdraw some of our articles and desist from any further comment which would give the Council "negative publicity."

The illogical nature of this was that it would not be the place of Councillors to instigate legal action on behalf of the Council, and in any case they weren't prepared to say that they were representing anyone but themselves.  All a bit silly, which begs the question: were they being 'pushed' by others to try and frighten us off by proxy?  Is there another bully-boy (or girl) behind them, pulling their strings but too cowardly to show his/her own head above the parapet? Or were they just being extraordinarily stupid?

Whatever, it got them precisely nowhere.  We invited them to name anything we had published which was not true, which they could not.  Which means that their claim demonstrates that Arun is, in fact, generating its OWN negative publicity.

And we reminded them that if they chose to take the matter any further we would be happy to see them in Court and be demanding costs when they lost.  As is usual with most bullies, that was the last we heard from them.

But they WILL be hearing from US.  Quite often, we suspect, until the next ADC elections, when we hope to see them ejected from office by the public.  And so they should be.

17th October, 2013

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