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Bognor Regis residents have passed a vote of no confidence against the Leader of Arun District Council, Mrs. Gillian Brown, who failed to attend a public election hustings meeting last Saturday.

The meeting, hosted by the Bognor Regis Civic Society, was billed to concentrate on local issues, and the leaders of the Arun political group candidates were on the platform to be quizzed by the public.

All attended, being Simon McDougall (Green), Roger Nash (Labour), Francis Oppler (Lib-Dem), Jim Brooks (Independent), and Graham Jones (UKIP).  Also attending were parliamentary candidates Alan Butcher (Labour) and Nick Gibb (Conservative).


However, Mrs Brown said she had an engagement elsewhere, and when asked to supply a substitute out of the 18 Conservative candidates standing in the Greater Bognor area, claimed she was unable to find one.

"I don't believe any of this," said Civic Society Deputy Chairman Hugh Coster, who was chairing the meeting, "this is the sixteenth time in succession Mrs. Brown has refused to meet the Bognor Regis public, even when we invited her to name her own date on one occasion,

"It shows arrogance and contempt for the people of Bognor, hugely inappropriate for someone in her position who makes far-reaching decisions affecting the future of the town."


The motion of No Confidence was proposed by UKIP Town Council candidate Tony Dixon, and went as follows: "We the people of Bognor Regis wish to make clear our lack of confidence in Gillian Brown, the leader of Arun District Council, who has shown little or no respect for the wishes of the people of Bognor, and who has consistently failed to attend public meetings and face questions from the people of Bognor."  The proposal was seconded and was overwhelmingly approved by the 73 residents attending, with just two against and two abstaining.

Mrs. Brown later claimed that she had attended many public meetings in Bognor in the past few years, but declined to specify how many, where they were held and when. NewsBognor can only recall two within recent memory, both of which were tightly controlled Arun District Council meetings with no debate allowed.

Mrs. Brown is standing for re-elction in Aldwick East. "Remember this when you are voting," was Mr. Coster's message to Aldwick East voters, "and consider whether this lady is worthy of your vote."

Other candidates in Aldwick East are: Michael Warden (UKIP), Malcolm Daniells (Independent), Peter Wells (Lib-Dem), Trevor Bence (Con).  

1st May, 2015

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