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The Out of Arun campaign stepped up a gear recently with hundreds of people signing up to a petition calling on Arun District Council to reorganise their decision-making process.  The petition demands more say for Bognor Regis people on local matters, and important decisions to be made only by local Councillors serving Bognor Regis.

Caroline Wilson, who started the Facebook group "Fight the Good Fight - get Out Of Arun" was one of the many organisers who were present in the town centre to gather signatures from residents.

Caroline said "This is just the start of a process to obtain more independence for our wonderful town.  We were overwhelmed with people giving their support and at one point had people queuing up to sign the petition.  People really are not happy with Arun District Council.  We are also in the process of lobbying central government regarding reorganisation of local governance for this area so we can get rid of Arun altogether."

The only negative moment of the day was witnessed by a number of people, including Suzi Marchant from Bersted, who said "One of the young lady volunteers collecting signatures was approached by Arun District Councillor Jacqui Maconachie and caused considerable distress by the nasty way she criticised what she was doing.  I felt Mrs. Maconachie was unnecessarily unpleasant and the young lady had to go away and be comforted by her friends.  If this is the kind of behaviour we can expect from Arun District Councillors, no wonder everybody wants out of Arun. This behaviour shows Mrs. Maconachie is not fit to be a Councillor and should resign."

As a footnote, we have been reminded that Mrs. Maconachie, who represents Aldwick West, was the only Bognor Regis Councillor to vote against the ASDA planning application in 2008, which resulted in the loss of the supermarket to Ferring.


September 2012


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