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Thousands of newbuild houses are set to be approved by Arun District Council at Pagham and "West of Bersted" ie Chalcraft Lane.  Thousands of residents of Pagham, Nyetimber, Aldwick and surrounding areas had written to express all the reasons why this will be damaging for the area, and are furious that this has been ignored.

Particular concerns are the dangers of thousands of new residents and their cars adding to the already congested roads in Pagham, particularly Pagham Road.  This is a likely route for those heading for Chichester and the west for work, and there is no significant work proposed to alleviate this.

The developers will be asked to contribute to a few junction modifications, but nobody believes this will make any difference.  One Councillor at Arun’s recent Development Control meeting where three applications were considered, pointed out that this road had been previously referred to as one of the most dangerous roads in the country, and already had a bad accident record, specially for cyclists.


The committee was told by Acting Chairman Cllr. Ricky Bower (Con) that as the location was included in Arun's recently approved Local Plan, all those matters had already been considered and dealt with – and were therefore not open for discussion or objection.

"What is this committee for then?" demanded a frustrated Cllr Dawn Hall (Con) "Why are we even being asked to consider this at all?"

Good question, Mrs. Hall.  Other committee members had raised questions over Southern Water's ability to deal with wastewater disposal and flooding, for which there was no explanation given either.  Only the platitude that it would be "subject to negotiations" which clearly wasn't satisfactory.  And it was clear from the WSCC highways representative that nothing was going to be done about the inability of Pagham Road, Rose Green Road and Vinnetrow Road to take all that extra traffic.

Schools was another issue raised. There is no secondary school near to the sites, and the nearest, Regis School, being an Academy, is not within WSCC's control. Which means that pupils will have to travel to Felpham, which is utterly ridiculous and not likely to change.

Is there any provision at all within the Local Plan (as Cllr Bower had implied) to do anything at all about all this?  No there is not, and the Councillors knew this although none had the courage to say it.  Cllr Bower feebly bleated that the only way to get the money for this was to grant the developers their permission and get the Section 106 (or CIL) money that comes with it.  Except, as is evident here, almost none of it was going towards the needed infrastructure improvements anyway so we end up with more houses and nothing to show for it.


The truth of the matter is that Arun, pressured by Government, has badly mishandled the production of the Local Plan and this has to be at least partly the responsibility of Cllr Bower.  The Council has been pressured into agreeing the building of thousands of houses in various parts of the District, without having the guts to say to government that this cannot happen until funding is provided for the necessary infrastructure.

And now they are hamstrung by that Plan, which means that the legitimate concerns of residents throughout the district will be ignored in the name of political forelock-tugging and expediency. Can anybody imagine Council Leader Mrs. Gillian Brown (Con) telling her son-in-law Chancellor Philip Hammond (Con) that he can't have all those houses unless he forks out?  You don't get recommended for an OBE for that sort of thing, do you?

And so we come back to Cllr Mrs Hall's question.  What are the Councillors for? They should be for representing the interests of the residents, particularly those intimately affected by the issue.  In this case it would mean saying loud and clear to developers, government etc that there can be no housebuilding on those sites until all the infrastructure problems have been sorted out first. Not maybe later, or "by negotiation" sometime later if ever.  But before any housebuilding even begins.

And not only that, but proper sympathetic two way discussion over other concerns, such as the effect on vulnerable wildlife, the real but intermittent dangers of flooding, the loss of valuable farmland etc.  The Councillors should be the people's voice to those seeking to ride roughshod over their concerns, that this simply will not happen unless the conditions are right.

Instead, it is the other way round. Government speaks, councillors nod and tell residents that's what's got to happen. This has got to change, and everybody should remember there is an election in May 2019.  Cllr Hall (Con), of course, is anxious to retain her Pagham seat and maybe her opposition to these proposals will help her with that.  We can only hope that she will be similarly vocal on behalf of residents in other parts of the district when their turn comes.

However, nothing will significantly change until Arun's leadership changes. Cllr Mrs Brown rules her boys and girls with a rod of iron, and it would seem that she and a few of her cronies must go before Arun could even begin to represent its residents as it should.

October 2018

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