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This is the picture that stunned Bognor Regis residents who took the trouble to watch the webcam broadcast of one of Arun District Council's Full Council meetings at the end of 2014.  It shows Councillor Jacqui Maconachie sleeping through the meeting, during which important decisions were being taken.

This is the lady who has frequently been known to berate the public who have taken sufficient interest in Council matters to warrant attending their meetings, with such expressions as "ignorant" and "not living in the town as I do".  Many have found her attitude towards the public to be irritating.


However, most people are unaware that Mrs. Maconachie was the Councillor whose vote against ASDA's application for planning permission in 2008 lost ASDA for the town.  But this lost considerably more for the town, because ASDA were also going to build a 10,000 sq. ft. office block free of charge, to house further businesses and provide much needed jobs.  And they were also going to provide the roads and infrastructure for an industrial estate, to provide more jobs.  All free of charge.  All lost because of Councillor Maconachie's vote. Was she perhaps sleeping then as well?

But the major loss was the vast numbers of people that would have been drawn to this area to come to the store.  Major groups in the town, including the Civic Society, were envisaging that a deal could be done with ASDA to encourage all those new visitors to come on into the heart of the town to enjoy our facilities, maybe via a park and ride scheme from ASDA's car park.  It was regarded as a major regeneration opportunity. All lost because of Councillor Maconachie's vote.


Councillor Maconachie is now standing for re-election in Aldwick West ward, her election leaflet showing her looking bright and perky (right).  But perhaps her prospective constituents may like to remember her as in our main picture (above), at the same time remembering her record.  It may be that Bognor Regis will benefit from Mrs. Maconachie taking retirement from Council duties, so that she can spend more time sleeping, without damaging the town's economy.

Other candidates standing in Aldwick West are: John Wedderburn (UKIP), Alan Gale (Lib-Dem), Kenton Batley (Lib-Dem), Phil Hitchins (Con).

2nd May, 2015.

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